The Haptek Player is what you need to view interactive Haptek characters and content. Make sure you meet all the requirements below, then scroll down to download. Haptek Player may still function on systems that do not meet all requirements:

Windows 98se / 2000 / Millenium / XP

Pentium Class 166MHz CPU
16MB RAM, 21MB disk space
Sound Card
DirectX 6.0

Pentium 3 Class CPU
32MB of RAM
16-bit color +
3D Hardware Accelerator Card
Internet connection

The latest Haptek Player is compatible with Netscape 4.6 - 4.9, 6, and 7; Mozilla, and Internet Explorer 4.5+.

(Note: people who have made webpages using Haptek characters should read this announcement about making their pages compatible with Netscape and Mozilla; this does not apply to people simply viewing Haptek content with the Player)

Before downloading this Haptek Technology, please sure to read and agree to the license agreement.

After, that chose one of these options:

Click here to download.

Click here to autoinstall.

(Autoinstall Mozilla, Firefox and IE only)

AOL and Opera Users: Please select the download feature.

Alternate Download Locations: