Hey Everyone! Since we changed the Haptek Player to support Netscape 6, 7 and Mozilla, old webpages will not work in Netscape 4.7, unless you upgrade the javascript file they include.

With the new player, we are releasing a new and slimmer version of the JavaScript wrapper which fixes the compatability problem. This new wrapper is included in the new PeoplePutty, and can also be found here.

Note: old webpages work with the new player when viewed in Internet Explorer, but since AOL and Compuserve are switching their core engine from Internet Explorer to Mozilla, it's recommended that all Haptek webpages be upgraded to the new JavaScript.

Here's how to upgrade your old pages:

Step 1. . .

In the HTML source of previously generated webpages, there should be a segment of HTML code that looks like this:

<script src= "HapPlayer410.js"></script>

Change it to:

<script src= "HapPlayer411.js"></script>

Step 2. . .

Take the new "HapPlayer411.js" file from the PeoplePutty installation directory (by default, it should be in: C:\Program Files\Haptek\PeoplePutty\environment\plugins\default\showtime\html\templates ) and place a COPY of it next to "HapPlayer410.js" in your webpage's directory.

Step 3. . .

Re-upload the webpage to your webserver.