july/2005 XL Avatars Showcase Haptek Technology! - Since the first XL eLearning platform appeared in classrooms over 3 years ago, the Haptek, Inc. Avatar technology has been omnipresent. The 3D interactive avatar is a teaching assistant for teachers and a learning assistant for students. Read the full article by Thomas Vreeland! (.DOC format)

nov/2004 A.L.I.C.E. and Haptek Avatar in Conference Appearances - Pandorabots brought a new demonstration of A.L.I.C.E. AAA edition combined with an experimental 3-D Haptek avatar to two big west-coast technology shows recently. Read the full press release! (.DOC format)

10/06/03 Haptek Technology Used at Tokyo Research Center - The Japanese Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX) is using technology designed and patented by Haptek Inc. to develop a program aimed at exploring voice- and TTS- based interactivity. Read the full press release! (.DOC format)

04/23/03 NASA Launches Artificial Characters into Space - Scientists at NASA's Langley Research Center will test ergonomics and design possibilities using Haptek technology. Read the full press release! (.DOC format)

03/05/03 Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati Licenses Haptek Generation 4 Software - Leader in pediatric research, care, and education employs Generation 4 technology to train researchers and communicate with patients. Read the full press release! (.DOC format)

02/14/03 Old Dominion University and The Center for Advanced Engineering Environments select Haptek for advanced learning modules - Generation 4 technology to be used in a distance-learning project teaching aerospace-engineering concepts to students across the country. Read the full press release! (.DOC format)

02/07/03 University of North Carolina at Charlotte to use Haptek Generation 4 Technology - A licensing arrangement between UNCC and Haptek will allow the use of virtual characters in research towards treating social phobias, diversity training, human-computer interaction, and other diverse fields. Read the full press release!

01/08/03 Online Learning Gets a Leg Up - Haptek, Inc. has licensed its professional level Generation 4 tools to the Schuyler-Chemung-Tioga Board of Cooperative Educational Services, or SCT BOCES. The software will be used in online learning modules throughout the school district.

Andy Gillette with I.D.E.A.S. at SCT BOCES initiated the work with Haptek's technology and had this to say: "Haptek's Generation 4 software was by far the best choice to replace our interactive content made under an inferior technology made by a company which is no longer in business." For more information, e-mail jack@haptek.com.

11/20/02 MyCast, the First Mass-Market Virtual News Presenter, Launches at ONLINE 2002 - Haptek technology has been used in the creation of KnowledgeView's remarkable virtual newscaster. Read the press release (DOC format)!

11/08/02 Imparta Inks New Deal with Haptek for Generation 4 Technology - Haptek and Imparta have signed an agreement which will allow Imparta to integrate Haptek’s newest Generation 4 technology into all of its popular management training software. Read the press release (DOC format)!

10/04/02 Haptek Continues to Advance its 3-D Character Technology - Haptek announces the release of its new Generation-4 Player, with radical new features such as muscle deformation and real-world physics! Read the press release (DOC format)!

09/27/02 Could Computer-Generated Joy Cheer the I.T. Market? - Haptek is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of requests for integration of Haptek technology into third party applications! Read the press release (DOC format)!

09/20/02 Haptek Announces Generation-4 Character Automation Software - Today we announced the availability of its Generation-4 Character Automation software and development tools available for commercial applications. Read the press release (DOC format)!

06/20/02 Sonork, SRL and Haptek, Inc. jointly announce the release of KATE - the world's first 3D animated, talking emoticon - as a FREE add-on to the Sonork instant messaging client. Read the press release!

05/17/02 PeoplePutty Gets Reviewed By kahunanui.com - We recieved a favorable review from Richard Kapuaala. He has some examples of his work with Putty. Check it out!

05/03/02 Haptek Wins Another Cool Tool Award - Haptek won another Cool Tool Award for PeoplePutty! The author of the review warns users that they may have to battle the computer away from their children once they start playing with it. Read all about it here.

04/02/02 Haptek TV Section & More - Even More Web site updates such as more but-gusting character lines in each section, and IO now has a short attention span and can't wait around for those with slow mouse fingers. She'd rather be horseback riding! Also, be sure to check out the Haptek TV section, a gallery of movies made with PeoplePutty!

03/20/02 Haptek Launches New WebSite - Haptek, the premier provider of high-technology 3D Software Personalities today launched a new WebSite incorporating its advanced Generation 4 technology. Haptek's "Gen4" technology enables the first ever virtual-human customer assistant (named "IO") to help guide you through their website (complete with advanced interactivity and full human emotions). IO is a living, breathing, virtual-human - capable of responding to your every need. She can assist you with a personal tour of Haptek's new website, or provide interesting commentary as you visit various areas of the new site on your own.

03/15/02 New Haptek Player Available - Haptek has enhanced its Quality Assurance group in order to bring you the best and highest quality software. Haptek is dedicated to providing products which perform flawlessly across all major platforms - to determine if you have the most advanced Haptek Player available, please check the Haptek Player page of our website. Upgrade your player today!

03/01/02 PeoplePutty Available Online - Haptek's exciting new product, PeoplePutty, is now available for purchase online! Buy your copy today, and create your own virtual-human characters for use on the web!

02/08/02 Haptek/Intel Presenting at NAB - Haptek will be joining Intel at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 8-11, 2002. The NAB conference is the largest international conference featuring digital media, with over 117,000 attendees. Haptek will be showcasing its premier product PeoplePutty running on Intel's Pentium4 platform.

10/20/01 Peopleputty In Beta Release - Limited beta release of PeoplePutty is now available.  (If you're interested in becoming an official Haptek Beta Tester for future projects, email Haptek at jack@haptek.com (Beta Engineering Release Testing) to find out if you qualify for Haptek's Beta Test Program.

08/27/01 Iconocast Announces PeoplePutty - Iconocast announces the upcoming release of Haptek's PeoplePutty. 

04/05/01 New Haptek Newsgroups Online - Haptek's Support Newsgroups are now online. If you need any assistance, check out these forums for fast answers. 

Historical News & Achievements - Take a peek at our past News & Achievements from Haptek's humble beginnings.